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We were thrilled to find out that we had been invited to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration and since our theme was Disney’s Cars, I knew it would be perfect for my house of boys.  Showing your Disney side doesn’t have to be complicated and that is why I chose to host an Easy Cars Party with food and activities that any mom could make.

Easy Cars Party

Easy Cars Party

The cozy little town of Radiator Springs had some colorful characters and I had fun looking at each character for inspiration for our Cars party. 

How to Host a Cars Party

Hosting a memorable party doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.  We had a lot of fun using our imagination as well as some free online resources to add the perfect touches to our Cars Party.

Cars Party Food

Food for our party was simple but fun!  And thanks to some fun party supplies, our party was set up in a jiffy.

Cars Party Decorations

Our party food included:

Lightning McQueen Racers,

Cars Party Food

 These racers were hot dogs with toothpicks holding olives for the wheels and apples with cut up grapes for the wheels.  So easy to make.  Just make sure the kids remove the toothpicks before eating. 😉

Dip Sticks, 

Easy Food Cars Party

 Our “Dip Sticks” were just cut up carrot and celery with Ranch dip.

Cozy Cones,

Cars Party food

These “Cozy Cones” are Bugles corn chips and are inspired by Sally’s Cozy Cone motel.

And of course Filmore’s Organic Fuel.

Cars Party Food

Yes, water.  I think Filmore, our favorite hipster bus, would approve.

The food was a big hit!

Disney Cars Party Food

And you can’t forget dessert!

Cars Party Dessert

Luigi’s Casa Della Tires and Tie Dye Cupcakes,

Cars Party Dessert

We used Mini Chocolate Donuts for the tires and made fun tie-dye cupcakes using the Grooviest Tie-Dye Cake Mix.

and “Spare Parts”.

Cars Party Food

Our “Spare Parts” included pretzels, peanuts, M&Ms, raisins and white chocolate chips.

I’m including Free Cars Party Printable tags that will make it easy for you to host your own Cars party.  You can download them here: Cars Party Printables.  Also, I printed off the cupcake toppers here: Free Lightning McQueen Cupcake Toppers.

And you can’t have a Cars party without games!

Cars Party Games

Our Party pack included Pin the Smile on Mickey,

Disney Party Games

and Disney Bingo!

Disney Bingo

Other fun Cars Party games include:

Red Light, Green Light

(This one took me back to my childhood)

To play, have one child be the traffic light and have all other players line up in a row facing the traffic light.

The child playing the traffic light, then turns their back and calls out “Green Light”.  The players then walk/run toward the traffic light until the traffic light yells, “Red Light” and turns around.

All children have to freeze whenever they hear “Red Light!”, and if the traffic light catches any of them moving, then they have to go back to the starting line.

Play continues until one of the players reaches the traffic light.  The first player to the traffic light becomes the new traffic light.

Lightning McQueen’s Rush Hour

This game is best done outside.

Select one player to be Lightning McQueen.  Select a spot to be home.

Have all players line up single file behind Lightning McQueen.  Lightning McQueen then starts walking while everyone follows.  Lightning McQueen can call out different actions such as hopping on one foot, skipping, etc but as soon as he calls out “Rush Hour!” the other players turn and run back to home.

Lightning McQueen chases the others and tries to tag them.  The first player tagged becomes the next Lightning McQueen.

We had an awesome time at our Cars Party and, as always, we love to show our Disney side!

Cars Party Ideas

Thank you Disney @Home Celebrations for allowing us to host a Disney side party and supplying such a fun box of Cars Party supplies.

For more Disney side recipes and activities visit Disney Side Celebrations.


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