As I mentioned last week, my son loves to have Halloween-inspired birthday cakes.  This year we made this spider cake, but since Halloween is right around the corner I thought I’d share another easy Halloween cake.

Easy Haunted House Cake

This cake kind of looks complicated but it was SO easy.  I made a big sheet cake and I used a pre-cut haunted house gingerbread kit  that I found at my local grocery store.  They seem to have them everywhere around Halloween.  The pathway was lined with candy corn and Halloween sprinkles and the pumpkin patch was made with candy pumpkins and coconut that I colored with green food coloring by shaking it in a zip-lock bag.  For the graveyard I used pretzels for the fence and Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies for the tomb stones.  I wrote on them with cake/cookie decorator gel.

Overall it was an easy cake.  The most time was spent decorating the haunted house.  Just looking at this makes me get excited for the fall season!  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorites!  Next week I’ll be sharing some of our favorite home-made decorations and spooky food!  Yum!

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