Yesterday I posted about some of the Halloween decorations I have made with my boys and I promised a tutorial of the pumpkins.  They are super cute and SO easy.  I’ve had people asking if we had to stuff them or how they could be easy.

All you need is:

  • Rolls of toilet paper and paper towell
  • Halloween fabric
  • Paper bags
  • Green “fuzzy sticks” or pipe cleaner (Whatever they are called in your neck of the woods.)

Cut the fabric into squares.  I used about a 20″ X 20″ square for the smaller pumpkins and a 26″ X26″ for the largest pumpkin but the sizes may be different depending on the brand of toilet paper/paper towel you are using. (I used the cheapest I could find.)

Place the roll of toilet paper/paper towel in the center of the fabric and pull the corners up and tuck into the top of the roll.

Do the same with all of the corners and tuck any extra fabric into the hole as well.

Then cut the bottom of the paper bags off and fold the bag in half and then in thirds to resemble a pumpkin stem and stick it in the hole.  Curl the “fuzzy sticks” around your finger or a pencil and push one of the ends into the top hole as well.

And there you have it!

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