Easy Nerf CakeEasy Nerf Cake

If you are a mom of boys then you probably understand that little boys tend to have an obsession with Nerf guns of every kind.   I tried to round ours all up and counted around 15 or more in all shapes and sizes.  So when my 8-year-old got to choose which type of birthday he wanted, a Nerf Birthday Party was the obvious choice.  If you know me, you know that I’m all about finding ways to make easy birthday cakes that still look cool, and this easy Nerf Cake was no exception to the rule.

I wasn’t quite sure how I would make a target and get the lines to stay even but this turned out to be a piece of cake. *Pun intended.

Step one:  Bake your favorite type of cake in a ball-shaped cake pan or a Pyrex Bowl.  I love my Wilton Soccer Ball Pan.  We used it last year to make his pretty awesome Basketball cake.

Step two: Let the cake cool and frost it with orange frosting.

Easy Nerf Cake

Step 3: Cut out a paper target to use as a guide for adding the sprinkles.  You can find all sorts of printable shooting targets on the web.  This is the shooting target I used:

Easy Nerf Cake

Step 4: Add the cut out rings to the top of the cake and fill in the empty rings with sprinkles.  Remove the paper rings and add sprinkles along the bottom sides of the cake.

Easy Target Cake

Step 5: Make the bullets.  I experienced with a lot of different candy before finding the right ones for making Nerf bullets.  What I ended up using were orange flavored Tootsie Rolls and spice drops for the tips.  I was looking for Crows candy but I couldn’t find them at our grocery store so I had to settle.

I put the Tootsie Rolls into the microwave just for a few seconds until they were a little soft and then I molded them to make them longer.  After that, I just used a bit of frosting to stick them to the spice drops and we were done.  Easy. Then just stick them into the cake and you are done.Nerf Cake  Do your boys love Nerf products like mine do?

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