Easy TeepeeEasy Teepee Craft

If there is one thing that I have learned while blogging, it is that ordinary, every-day objects can typically be turned into something fun if you brainstorm long enough. I received some Styrofoam cones at a conference this past weekend and while I was brainstorming with some blogging friends about what to make, one of them said, “How about Teepees?” And so this easy teepee craft was born.

teepee craft suppliesThis project was a lot of fun for my boys to make. I love when all of them want to get involved doing a craft and even my oldest two weren’t too old to join in the fun.

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Step 1:Use a pencil to draw out the size of the door you want.  Then cut out the door using an Xacto knife or other sharp knife.

teepee craftStep 2: Cut the paper sack along one of the edges so that you can open it up and lay it flat.  Then draw petroglyphs all over the paper bag and let the drawings dry completely.

Easy teepee craftStep3: Now comes the fun part!  I still remember doing this in 4th grade. Once the paint/marker is dry, take the paper bag and crumple it up into a ball.  Keep undoing it and crumpling it up again and again until the paper bag starts to feel soft, somewhat like leather.

Teepee craftStep 4: Once the bag is soft and flexible, cover the Styrofoam cone with Modge Podge and wrap the paper bag around it.  We had to trim the edges as well as the bottom to get it to line up correctly.  It will depend on which size of Styrofoam cone you use.

Step 5: Let the glue dry and insert craft sticks or toothpicks into the top at an angle to resemble the poles that were used to make teepees.  Then you have Teepees!  My 5-year-old was thrilled to be able to add the teepees to his Wild West playset that he has.

teepee craft

It doesn’t get much cooler than that.  Also, he chose to paint the interior of his Teepee as well, so I always let them choose how they want to finish off their projects.

teepee craft

And I can’t end this post without throwing in a Baby Photo Bomb. 🙂  Because isn’t he the cutest?

teepee craftWhat types of crafts are you working on right now?

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