Can you feel it?  Love is in the air.  Or so they say. 😉  And that means it is time to start thinking about what we will do for the people that we love on Valentine’s Day.  The kids at my house love it when I make fun food for the holidays so it just seems natural that I would make an Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast.

 Valentine's Day Breakfast

Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast

I’ve never really been one to go too overboard with Valentine’s Day.  I just love spending time with my family and I don’t need expensive presents to make me feel loved.  There’s nothing better than a hand-written card from my boys (including my husband) and everything else is just extras.  But we love making fun pancakes and this Valentine’s Day breakfast is easy to throw together and your kids will love having this fun meal.

And, I realize that this breakfast isn’t really geared just towards boys but it did bring up some fun conversations at the table:

4-year-old: What’s a cupid?

7-year-old: This guy who flies around in a diaper and shoots arrows at people to make them fall in love.

4-year-old: What!?! He wears a diaper?  (Cue lots of giggles)

Yes, honey, some of our traditions are really quite strange. 🙂

Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast Idea

Valentine's Day Breakfast

These were really easy and I have learned from my mistakes in the past and learned to simplify tremendously.

First: Cook your pancakes.  Do not use a cookie cutter or those metal pancake makers to cook the batter in.  It turns out to be a complete mess and your hand will burn as you try and get the pancakes out of the cookie cutter.   Just bake regular pancakes and then cut them with the cookie cutter.  Much easier!  Trust me on this one. 😉

Food for Valentines Day

While those are baking, cook up some bacon and have it ready to use for the arrow and tail.  Then cook your eggs.  I always do eggs last because they lose their heat the quickest.Food for valentines Day

I made the mistake of trying to cook the eggs in a cookie cutter, even though I just told you not to do it with the pancakes.  I guess I’m still learning from my mistakes.  They were okay but took much longer than if I would have just made an omelet and then cut it into hearts.  Plus I only had one small heart cookie cutter so I had to wait on each one before making the next one.

Easy Valentine's Day Breakfast: Fun Food for Valentines Day

Once the eggs, bacon and pancakes are finished, just assemble the heart and arrow by making the egg the arrow tip, the bacon the arrow tail and the pancake, the heart that the arrow is shooting through.

Food for Valentines day

And there you have it.  Yummy, easy and a fun way to kick off the Valentine’s Day week.

Food for Valentines Day

If you’re crazy like me and love making fun things out of pancakes for the holidays and if you like this fun food for Valentine’s Day, you might just love our Santa pancakes, “Man”cakes for Father’s Day or our cute Ground hogs for Ground hog day.

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