I’ve always been a goal setter.  I like to sit down quite often and plan out the things I want to accomplish or the things I would like to see happen in my life.    But, I think because I like to make plans for the future and I like to work towards those plan, that I forget that life is pretty great right NOW.  I often find myself getting down or depressed over what hasn’t happened instead of taking the time to look around me and see the amazing blessings I have been given.

I came across this quote yesterday and it made me stop in my tracks and realize that I am pushing away so much happiness because I am always looking to the future instead of being in the moment.

Enjoy LIfe Quote

Enjoy Life: Monday Motivation

How often do we say…”When ______ happens, then I’ll be happy.”  Or if I get that job, or if we get that promotion, then we’ll be happy.  When we can afford a bigger house, or that dream vacation,  then I’ll be happy.  When the kids are old enough to butter their own bread, wipe their own bottom or pour their own milk, then I’ll be happy. When I no longer hear, Mom, mom, mom, MOM, MOM!!, 5, 793 times a day, then I’ll be happy. 

For me it often starts with the thoughts of, “When I move “home”, then I’ll be happy”, since I always thought of our move to Nevada as a temporary thing.  But it doesn’t work that way.  That sort of thinking isn’t fair to me or my family.  My boys need a mom who is happy and content with the life we have NOW and they need to know that they are enough to bring me complete happiness and peace.  We don’t need fancy things, big toys like boats, 4-wheelers, etc.  We don’t need to live in a certain place or have a certain income.  We don’t even need the love and acceptance of other people, although that is always nice.  We can choose to be happy NOW.

So how can we stop wishing our lives away and be happy now?  Here are a couple of things I have thought up:

  1. Take a minute and write down every simple, little thing you have to be thankful for.   Don’t leave out chocolate or slobbery toddler kisses (if they apply of course. 🙂 )
  2. Unplug!  Get off of Facebook and quit comparing your life to the picture-perfect lives that you may see online.  (They’re not real, just so you know.)
  3. If you are a goal setter like I am, set a goal to live in the moment every day.  Wake up in the morning and write down your goals for that day that would make you more present in the lives of your family, and ultimately more happy.
  4. Get outside!  This is always my favorite thing to do.  When I am one with nature it is easier for me to be grateful for the beautiful things that surround me each day.
  5. Write thank you notes.  Write a note to your spouse, kids, friends, etc letting them know how grateful you are for them.  Be specific.  It is in those sincere moments of writing that you will remember all of the things you love about that person.

We need to stop wishing away our days, and live in the moment.  One thing I have learned over this past week is that life moves too quickly and before we know it, our kids will be grown and moved away.  I don’t want to wait any longer before allowing my kids to have a happy mom.  I don’t want them to think, even for a moment, that they didn’t bring me the more happiness and love than any material thing could ever bring to me.  I want them to look back at their childhood and see a mom who treasured every moment that she had with them.  This is definitely a work in progress for me.  But, next time I get down I am going to remind myself not to wish away my life waiting for better things ahead, because in reality, my life is pretty amazing right now.