I’m a little slow on my Monday Motivation today because we’ve been partying it up with my baby for his first birthday!  Tomorrow I’ll post all about his barnyard bash but today I wanted to take a moment and remember Martin Luther King Jr. with the rest of our country. He was a man whose words created action, change and helped to unite a divided nation.  I didn’t even realize that one of my favorite quotes about faith came from him.

Quotes about faith. Sometimes it just takes that first step into the dark to reveal what God has planned for us.  Then as long as we keep walking, the whole staircase comes into view.  Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, but it would have just stayed a dream if he hadn’t taken that first step.  It all began with a dream, a step and a lot of faith.  What dream do you have?   If you were able to accomplish that dream, what would it mean to you or your family?  Maybe today is the day to take that first step and see what amazing things God has in store for your life.

Do you love motivational quotes?  I have been saving favorite quotes since I was about 12 years old. A couple of my other favorite quotes are Our Deepest Fear and Don’t Quit.