Farm Party : How to Make a Birthday Banner for Baby’s First Birthday

Birthday banner. Farm party decorations

For my son’s  1st birthday farm party I made these fun cowboy banners to decorate with.   This was very easy to make and I loved looking back at all of his different pictures through the year.

I found some of my favorite pictures from each month and cropped the picture to get as close up on the head as I could.  I then copied and pasted each picture into Word and made them all approximately the same size with 4 pictures to each page.  I then cut out just the faces

How to make a birthday banner for a farm party

I then cut out a shape of a cowboy hat out of card stock and used a glue stick to glue them to babies head.

1st birthday party decorations: Farm party birthday banner

Then I taped each head to one of the pennants on a cow print pennant banner.  The banner I had was 12 feet long and had 12 pennants.  I cut off 4 so I could have two layers when I hung them on my hutch.  And there you have it.  Easy and the theme could be adjusted to add a fun touch to any party.

1st birthday farm party decorations


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