4th of July recipes

 This week my boys have been getting excited for the 4th of July so I thought I’d share some of the fun activities and 4th of July recipes we have been making.

We pretty much love making and eating sugar cookies so I whipped up some of my Grandma’s famous (at least to my family and friends) old-fashioned sugar cookies. (I’ll have to share the recipe soon)

You can see that I had plenty of help (just look at the grin on his face).  He insisted on rolling out each batch of cookies, so yes these took us awhile.  But we’re not making cookies, we’re making memories right? (I have to keep telling myself that).baking-cookies

First we made:Firecracker cookies

We cut the dough into stars and decorated with white frosting, sprinkles and strawberry Pop Rocks.  You should have seen the look on my boys face as they experienced some firecrackers in their mouths.

I have seen this idea pretty much everywhere but I first came across it in Family Fun magazine.

Then using the same dough we made:4th of July cookies

These were still pretty easy as long as you remember to bake them on parchment paper (which I learned the HARD way!)  Just cut out your cookies and cut a circle in the middle either using a small cookie cutter or a milk carton or water bottle lid.  Then put a couple of Lifesavers or Jolly Ranchers in the middle.  Put a sucker stick (I actually found sticks made just for baking cookies) underneath the cookie so that the stick end is visible in the hole and bake.

4th of July Cookie PopsMake sure to let these cool completely before taking them off the pan (and DON’T forget the parchment paper!) Enjoy!

Check back tomorrow for a fun firecracker craft using toothpaste boxes.  It turned out SO cute!

If you like these cookies, you might like patriotic pin wheel cookies

4th of July cookies - pinwheels

and fruit rockets.

Fruit Rocket - 4th of July recipe

And for a fun patriotic craft check out this firecracker craft  we made.

Firecracker - 4th of July craft