The kids are back in school and we’re beginning to feel a resemblance or normalcy returning to our lives.  Every year before school I take my boys shopping for all of the supplies on their school list as well as any other fun things that they “have” to have.  I’ve always tried to make back to school time really fun and exciting for my kids and I let them choose their own backpacks, kids scissors, folders, notebooks, craft tools, etc.   We LOVE crafting and creating around here so I also load up on craft and art tools to keep here at home while they are such a great price.  But did you know that there are thousands of kids around the country who aren’t able to purchase their own school supplies or have them in their home.

There has to be something we can do to help right?  Fiskars has partnered up with Champions for Kids to encourage individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities, etc to make a difference in the lives of students and our schools. They believe that every student should have the opportunity to be creative and use their imagination.  Anyone can host a simple service project by gathering up extra school supplies around your home or office and donating them to families in need, organization in your community or your schools to make sure creativity isn’t lost because of lack of supplies.

Fiskars Champions for Kids

I wanted my boys to know what it’s like to use their own money to give back so I asked them to help me shop for their school and purchase items of their choice to donate.  And shop we did!  School supplies are so inexpensive this time of year so it was great to be able to purchase quite a bit.  We purchased mostly crayons, markers, glue, glue sticks and Fiskars scissors.

My boys then helped me to separate the items for their different classes.

Fiskars champions for kids #shop

This guy was so excited to take his bag of Crayola twistables to his teacher and I was glad we could help out in a little way.

We also used our craft supplies here at home to make Funny Felt Faces

Fiskars champions for kids

These were easy and the kids could help.  I love that Fiskars has scissors that are safe for my kids to use.

First: I used a Fiskars stencil to trace circles for the heads.

fiskars champions for kids

Next:  We used our creativity to create mouths, eyes, mustaches, noses, hair, etc to make our funny faces.

Fiskars champions for kids

Last: (but not least 😉 )  We played!

fiskars champions for kids

This is a fun idea to throw in a diaper bag or to take on a long trip.  We are always on the go and this is easy to take a long when we are waiting at music lessons, sports or any where in between to keep the younger kids entertained.

Do your children love to craft?  What is their favorite thing to make?

If you have craft or art tools around the house that you aren’t using,  I challenge you to gather them up and share them with your schools or kids in your neighborhood.  In this world of endless video games and electronics, we need to do what we can to keep creativity alive.

Service doesn’t have to big or time consuming. Find little ways you can serve in your community today.