This past week we celebrated my oldest son’s birthday and my boys “flipped” when I told them that we were invited to visit FlipNOut in Las Vegas for his party.  My family received admission into FlipNOut in exchange for me sharing our experience with my readers but my opinions shared are completely my own.

FlipNOut Review


I did a little bit of research on FlipNOut before we headed into town and from what I read, I was pretty sure that this was going to be the perfect place to celebrate a birthday with a big group of boys.  I was very curious to see if it would hold up to my expectations and keep my boys entertained for the duration of our visit.

FlipNOut is an Indoor Trampoline Park with additional activities such as Laser Tag, Rock Climbing Wall, Bounce Houses and an Arcade.  When we headed out to FlipNOut we had originally planned on just jumping but once we got a glimpse of the laser tag area we knew it was a must.  We were each given a wrist band that corresponded with our jumping time, which can be purchased by the hour, and a card for our assigned Laser Tag time and we set off to get our jump on.  Laser Tag can be purchased separately or at a discount with your jumping pass.

We spent our first hour in the jumping area and the boys completely wore themselves out jumping, running, tackling, and all of those other things that boys do.

jumping at FlipNOut

One thing you should know if you are planning a visit to FlipNOut is that they have a portion of the trampoline area sectioned off just for ages 5 and below.  This was a lifesaver for us.  My 2 year old likes to think he can keep up with the big boys but would have been thrown around in the general jumping area.  He had a great time showing off his moves in the Kid Zone.

kidzone flipnout

When our time limit was up for jumping, we headed over to the Warehouse Wars Laser Tag area and the boys suited up for some major fun.

laser tag warehouse wars

The laser tag games are only 15 minutes each but all of my boys said it was their favorite part of the night.

Warehouse Wars

Once we were jumped out and had finished our laser tag, we grabbed a bite to eat at the snack bar.  Luckily I had gone there right when we arrived and ordered pizzas because the pizzas took over an hour to be finished.   So, just a tip, if you plan on ordering for a large group, make sure to do it as soon as you arrive so it can be done by the time you are finished jumping.  But, the pizza was yummy and the boys were happy so it all worked out.

FlipNOut Snackfood

And if you still have some time or energy left for play, there are bounce houses and an Arcade available.

bounce houses arcade

One thing to note before heading to FlipNOut is that they do require a waiver from the parent of every child that comes in to jump.  So if you are bringing other children with you, make sure you get that from their parents prior to showing up.  They have it all set up so they can be added electronically.

As a mom of boys, I have to say that FlipNOut passed our test as a fun and exciting evening adventure.  My boys were completely worn out by the time we were finished (A good thing for mom!) and they can’t wait to return.

For more information about FlipNOut visit their website at