Do you have a Minecraft fan in your house?  Gameband for Minecraft was the perfect gift for my boys because it allows them to save their worlds and take their game with them wherever they go.

Minecraft gameband #Gameonthego

Gameband for Minecraft allows you to take the #GameOnTheGo

I live in a house of boys and my oldest three boys could play Minecraft for hours on end.  They are HUGE fans of creating their own worlds and I am amazed at some of the features that Minecraft has and I love watching them use their imaginations to create some really cool stuff!  Their latest creation involves a fireproof house with a fire pit inside and walls lined with fire.

Also, with so many boys in our house we end up having a lot of their friends coming and going.  Up until now, my boys couldn’t take their Minecraft worlds with them and could only show them off here at our house, but thanks to Gameband from Now Computing, they can take their worlds with them and play anytime and on any computer. Since Now Computing is now affiliated with Minecraft, if you have any feedback regarding Gameband you should reach out to them.

Gameband Minecraft

We purchased our Gameband at GameStop but found that they are a little hard to find!  They are definitely a hot holiday item.  We found two stores in the entire Las Vegas area that carried them but only if you asked because they were only available behind the counter.  But, I did find that if they don’t carry them in store, they will order them and ship them to your home free of charge so that is really nice.  Even if you are thinking of ordering online, contact the store and you can get free shipping!

Gameband Minecraft

 And not only does Gameband work as a USB to save your worlds, but it is also a watch.  We got the small size for my boys and my 11 year old wears it everyday to school.  The digital clock display is so fun and I think he really likes showing it off.

Gameband for Minecraft

It also shows off the date and the amount of storage you have used up.

Minecraft Gameband

 My boys have had a lot of fun with their Gameband and I love that they can each save and update their creations without having to make changes to each other’s worlds.  So cool!

If your boys love Minecraft, this is a fun band to have!