One thing that I struggle with as a mom is figuring out how to juggle all of the different types of activities that my family is involved in each week.  I always thought the baby years would be the hardest as a mom, but now I’m finding that having older kids brings its own challenges. Since most nights we are on-the-go with sports, scouts, music lessons, etc, I really try to make our weekends a time where we can get a break and just have fun as a family.

Hedbanz Electronic

Family Fun Hedbanz™ Electronic

We have family night every week where we talk about how our week has gone and just enjoy spending time together.  We typically end our family night with an activity and we love playing games together!

Hedbanz™  has always been a favorite of my boys so when Hedbanz™ Electronic came out, I knew they would love it too!play-hedbanz

If you have never played Hedbanz™ with your kids, you are missing out! With Hedbanz™ Electronic, players pick a partner and put on a headband.  Then they choose a picture card and place it on their headband without looking at it.  Then the fun begins.  They have to quickly ask questions to figure out what they are.  Are they an animal? food? person? etc.

In Hedbanz™ Electronic, the game unit’s “host” determines which game mode you will play in that round, Ask It, Do It or Describe It. The host also keeps track of time and keeps score.

Hedbanz Electronic

Hedbanz™ Electronic is different from the original Hedbanz™  because you play in teams and because there are different modes for play.

My boys have had a ball with this game and I have loved watching them act things out!  It can get a little wild!

Hedbanz Electronic

Our time together on family night is something that I really try to protect.  My boys need that time together to build relationships and to not have to worry about all of the busyness that affects us during the rest of the week.

Hedbanz Electronic is great for kids ages 7+ but even my almost-5-year-old has loved getting in on the action. Purchase your game here: Hedbanz Electronic.

What is your favorite activity to do with your family?

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