How to be Happy

I know, I know this is a day late.  It’s okay to have motivation on Tuesdays as well right?  I guess we were just having too much fun ringing in the new year yesterday that this didn’t get posted.  Last week I read a wonderful blog post by my beautiful cousin about how we tend to save our happiness  and how we often don’t allow ourselves to be happy until we have we reached A, B and C on our list of to do’s.  That had me thinking a lot. I recently wrote about my efforts to enjoy my Christmas more and about how to be happy when life is crazy around you and after writing that post I really tried to focus more on the little moments within my day that help me find happiness.  And it worked!  I thoroughly enjoyed the holidays this year.

Next week I’ll be teaching a workshop to the ladies from my church about not just having New Years resolutions but learning how to set real, attainable goals and the steps we need to take to reach those goals.  We all have resolutions or goals that we set this time of year but we need to remember that our happiness should never depend on whether or not we reach those goals.  We need to enjoy the journey and allow ourselves to be happy now and not just when we are 20 pounds thinner or have mastered home organization or caught up on 8 years of scrapbooking (Yes I am THAT far behind!) or when we have reached our “perfect”life.

I love this quote about how to be happy even when our life is not perfect (And I hate to break it to you but our lives will never be perfect but we can look beyond the imperfections and really learn how to be happy in spite of them).

How to be happy

Happy New Year!! I hope this year brings you happiness, love and the ability to look beyond your imperfections to realize how wonderful you really are.  And PLEASE don’t save your happiness.  You deserve to be happy now!


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