Indiana Jones whip out of duct tape

Last week we had the fun opportunity to visit some family over Spring Break.  We were invited by my sister-in-law to my nephew’s Indiana Jones birthday party!  She has 3 boys close in ages to my 4 boys and my kids love visiting her house because her backyard is a little boys heaven!  It made the perfect place for an Indiana Jones birthday party adventure.  I’ll be blogging about the party soon, but today I wanted to share the Indiana Jones whip we made for the boys with duct tape.

When you think of Indiana Jones you have to picture him with his hat and his whip, right?  These were actually really easy to make with duct tape, because you can make pretty much anything with duct tape, right?

Indiana Jones Whip

Supplies needed:

A roll of brown or black duct tape

About a 12″ in length stick or dowel.  We found this branch in the back yard…


and cut it down to the lengths we wanted and then sanded off any sharp edges.


Step 1-  Stretch out a 7′-8′ length of brown or black duct tape. (You could do longer for a longer whip but we had little kids and the 7′ length was perfect)  Leave one end stuck to a chair and carefully fold the tape in half so all of the sticky is inside.  Repeat this step with two other strips of duct tape so you have three side-by-side. Indiana Jones whip from Duct tape

Step 2- With the duct tape strips side-by-side, braid the strands together.  You can decide how tight or loose you want them to be.

Indiana Jones whip from Duct tape

Step 3- Once you have finished braiding, finish off the end by wrapping it with duct tape.

Indiana Jones whip from duct tape.

Step 4-Undo the other end from the chair and wrap it around the stick.  Secure it and cover the stick with more duct tape.

Indiana Jones whip from duct tape

Step 5- Optional but we added a little tail to the end of the whip and you could add a thin rope to make the snapping noise.  We were looking at a whip that my sister-in-law found on Etsy  for our inspiration (wish I would have taken a picture).   Also, this whip we made by braiding two strands of brown duct tape with one of black.  It turned out pretty cool, according to my boys. 😉

Indiana Jones whip from duct tape

The boys loved playing with their whips and they were the perfect addition to an Indiana Jones birthday party.

Indiana Jones whip

Stay tuned for the full details of the Indiana Jones party, including poisonous darts, hot lava rocks, snake pits and more.

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