Juice Box BoatsI’m so excited to be this week’s Summer Day Camp camp instructor.  If you are new to The Joys of Boys, WELCOME!  I’m so glad you’re here!   I hope you will have a look around and stay for awhile.  To learn a little bit more about me and The Joys of Boys, check out my About Me page.

I have been extra busy this summer just trying to keep my boys entertained inside and away from electronics as the temperatures have topped 120° outside.  These juice box boats are an easy and fun craft for any kids to make during the summer and the best part is, unlike other types of boxes, juice boxes float!

My kids had lots of fun testing these out in the bath tub and sink and we even made a little foil river outside to try them out in until they got too hot(check back for that tutorial tomorrow. 🙂 ) .

This craft kicks off Boat Week here at The Joys of Boys, so make sure to check back every day for another fun boat craft or recipe.

How to make a juice box boat

Step one: Buy some juice boxes and drink them up. 🙂  Best part, right?

Step two: Flatten out the empty juice boxes and cut off the top in any way you like.  It helps to make sure that the hole for the straw is at the top and not the bottom so your boat doesn’t take on water.  Then pop them back into place so the bottom is flat.

Juice Box Boats

Step three: Let your kids paint and decorate them any way they choose.  We received a fun box of craft supplies from CraftProjectIdeas.com and my boys went crazy with the paint, stickers, craft sticks, pom poms and glitter glue.

Juice Box boats

Step four: Add a sail.  We used wooden skewers for our sails and they worked out great.  My boys chose out a scrapbook paper for their sail and we slid it over the skewer.  I had planned on using some craft clay to stick the sail into but our clay had dried out, 🙁 so instead I just used a big dab of hot glue and held the sail up until it dried.  It worked perfectly.

Juice box boats

The only tip I would give is to not make the sail too big.  My 5-year-old insisted on having a tall sail and his boat tipped over more than the others.  (Can you tell that he is my only kid who will pose for the camera. )  And if you wanted you could make the boats using the flat side of the boat so they stand up better.

I hope your kids have fun making these boats and hope the weather is at least a little bit cooler than it is here.  Thanks for stopping by!

Make sure to check out all of the Summer Day Camp activities and check back next week for yet another craft.

Tomorrow I will be showing off a fun and cheap way to make a river in your back yard as well as another boat craft to go along with Boat week!  See you then!