My husband and I recently celebrated 17 years of marriage! That doesn’t seem possible. And in those 17 years we have brought 4 amazing boys into our family. Those boys keep us busy! It can be very easy to focus on everything they have going on and forget to take time to keep our marriage fun. But keeping marriage fun should be a priority for all parents.

Tips for Keeping Marriage Fun After Having Kids

Our boys are watching us (scary!) and the type of relationship we have in our marriage will affect their views of marriage and relationships as they get older. It’s a lot of pressure on our back, but there are some simple things that anyone can do to keep marriage fun, even during the years of being busy with kids.

Enjoy Each Other’s Interests Together

There is no way you are going to love every little thing that your spouse loves. That’s just not possible. But show your spouse how much you love them by taking an interest in the things they love. You may just learn to like it, and I can guarantee that the time you spend together will be worth it!

Laugh Together

Kids do some pretty crazy and often frustrating things. We can either laugh or cry and learning to laugh at life’s chaos can definitely help make marriage more fun. Better yet, join in the craziness and have fun together with your family. Plus, laughing can often get you through the really hard times that come with marriage and family.

Little Things Keep Marriage Fun

Little things go a long way to make marriage fun. Busy parents don’t always have the time to plan a big date night or a vacation away, but little notes or text messages, evening walks, or bringing home your spouse’s favorite treat can mean a lot.

Keep Dreaming

When you first got married, I’m sure you made big dreams and plans. Then kids came and sometimes those dreams are put on hold. Keep dreaming! Make plans, even if those plans can’t happen right away. If you want to plan an epic vacation, do it and start saving for it. If you hope to someday build your dream house, start drawing up the plans. There is a lot of fun that comes when you keep the dreams alive.

Date Night Out or In

I’m a huge believer in the importance of date nights to give couples the chance to reconnect after a hectic week of work and family responsibilities. Date night doesn’t have to be expensive and if you aren’t able to get a babysitter, or if you’re just too exhausted to go out, you can always have a date night in. Just make it a time where you are together having fun.

For an easy date night in, make the kids responsible for dinner and cleanup. Our youngest loves to be our “waiter” and even provides a menu with our choices.

Pizza is always an easy food to prepare on a night when you don’t want to cook and perfect for a date night in.

Tips for Keeping Marriage Fun

I’m a huge fan of keeping a yummy pizza on hand for date nights at home. We just pair it with a simple side salad, some fruit and maybe an ice cream sundae for dessert and we are all set!  Everything you could get by eating out but for a fraction of the cost.

If kids are old enough, let them prepare and serve the food. This is a great chance for you to take a night off, and let your kids take on new responsibilities.

Keeping your marriage fun, doesn’t have to be complicated. What is your favorite thing to do to keep marriage fun?