If you have kids, you have probably had to deal with  massive amounts of school papers and endless artwork piling up on your kitchen counter. Do you keep it or trash it? Is it something your child treasures (most of them are!) or something you can get rid of? I just discovered Keepy, the perfect app (it’s free!) to help organize kid’s school papers and preserve your child’s special artwork!

Keepy App

The Keepy app is a dream come true for sentimental clean freaks like myself.  I WANT to keep everything, but I have four kids.  I can’t possibly hang on to all of their artwork, acknowledgements and report cards forever. Keepy makes it easy to organize kid’s school papers and special artwork and to share it with the important people in your child’s life. You can also take a picture of special moments, such as the first day of school or the first tooth your child loses and save it in an organized place.

What is Keepy?


Keepy allows you to digitally organize and store all of your child’s important papers and memories in one spot.  You can also invite family members and special people to be your child’s fan on Keepy.  This allows them to share pictures of their schoolwork or artwork with grandma and grandpa or anyone else your child would like to share with.

Keepy app

One of my favorite things about Keepy is that your child can record their voice along with their picture. I love to look at old videos of my kids, just to hear their sweet voices. The special people your child sends pictures to, can also create a video response, which every child would love to receive.

Another great feature of Keepy is the ability to create beautiful memory books and gifts using your child’s special memories or artwork. These would be perfect to give grandma and grandpa for Mother’s or Father’s Day. Every grandparent loves to show off their grandkids. Keepy


Download the Keepy app for free here and start preserving your child’s memories, and free your home from piles and piles of kid’s paper clutter!