There are always exciting things going on in Las Vegas, and this week the LEGO® Americana Roadshow rolled into town at Fashion Show. My boys couldn’t have been more excited!

LEGO® Americana Roadshow

The LEGO® Americana Roadshow is a traveling display of some of our nations most famous landmarks, made entirely out of LEGO®!  It takes three 53 ft trucks, and lots of manpower to make this event happen and it is definitely worth a visit. If you or your children love LEGO® and you are in Las Vegas this week, this is a must-see event.  We were amazed at the detail that went in to making each exhibit look as realistic as possible.

Independence Hall LEGO Americana

Fashion Show has a mission of not only providing the best shopping in Las Vegas, but also providing amazing experiences for their visitors.  Now through October 9th, you will find LEGO® models of some very recognizable buildings and monuments such as the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, and The White House, displayed in front of your favorite stores.

The Liberty Bell is the only exhibit without a rope around it so that kids are free to check it out a little bit closer.

Each of the exhibits has a sign in front that tells the significance of the building as well as the details about how each structure was constructed.  You can pick up a map of the exhibit at any of the locations and on each map is a scavenger hunt. If you or your child answers the questions on the map by visiting each location, you can take the map to the LEGO® store for a prize.

LEGO Americana Roadshow Capitol Building

LEGO® Americana US Capitol Building

Our family visited Washington DC last summer, so seeing the same buildings made out of LEGO® was definitely fun. Our favorite model had to be the United States Capitol building.  It was huge!  It took around 1700 hours, 3 master builders and at least 6 assistants to build. In order to transport the US Capitol Building, they have to break it down into 5 large sections.

LEGO Americana Roadshow

Visit the US Capitol Building and guess how many bricks it took to build it.  You can enter to win a $200 Fashion Show gift card or a $100 LEGO gift card.  My son guessed 50 million bricks! (I’m pretty sure that is a bit high!)

While you are walking around Fashion Show, watch for different LEGO® Brickscapes.

These are not on the map, but they are very fun to look at. I had to drag my youngest son away!

LEGO® Americana Roadshow Play Area

Also visit the children’s play area. The play area is fully staffed during mall hours and children can build at the Duplo tables, make cars to race down the ramps or visit the thought starter table to get ideas of something to build.

LEGO Americana Roadshow

Children cannot take their creations home, but there are display cases available where they can proudly display their creation next to their name.

Visit Fashion Show October 8-9 from 12-4pm for a Make and Take event where 5,000 Supreme Court mini builds will be given away. 

Look how cute they are!

Don’t forget to visit the LEGO® store while you are there!  Fashion Show has the only LEGO® store in Las Vegas and you can find many hard-to-find sets and exclusives. Plus you can fill up a cup full of LEGO® pieces in specific colors and varieties to add to existing sets that you may already have. My boys could have stayed there all night!

During the LEGO® Americana Roadshow, many businesses are giving discounts or have special offers, so keep your eyes open for a great deal.

LEGO® Americana Roadshow Information:

Fashion Show
3200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas
September 27 – October 9
10:00 am-9:00 pm


We had an amazing time at the LEGO® Americana Roadshow! If you need a fun, free activity for your kids this week, head over to Fashion Show.  You won’t be disappointed!  And if you are in Seattle, it’s your lucky day.  The LEGO® Americana Roadshow is heading there next!

What famous landmark would you like to see made out of LEGO®?