This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of M&M’S World. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you have plans to visit Las Vegas anytime soon, a stop at M&M’S World Stores is a must. Whether you are traveling alone or visiting with family or friends, M&M’S World Las Vegas is huge and with four floors, has something for everyone. We recently visited with our family and here are our top reasons to visit M&M’S World Las Vegas, or any of the other M&M’S World Stores in New York, Orlando, London and Shanghai, with your family.

Top Reasons to Visit M&M’S World Las Vegas with Your Family

M&M’S Wall!

Our very favorite part of the M&M’S store is seeing the world famous M&M’S wall. 

The M&M’S wall has every color and flavor imaginable. This is great if you need a specific color for a wedding or a party. And it is fun to fill up a bag of your personal favorite colors and flavors. There are even exclusive and limited time color combinations and flavors that are only found in M&M’S World Stores.

They also have mini M&M’S and extra-large M&M’S! As a family, we enjoyed filling up a bag mixed with all of our favorite colors and flavors, but if it were up to me, peanut butter M&M’S would be the only flavor in the bag.

M&M’S Merchandise

Everywhere you look in M&M’S World, you will see colorful merchandise and specialty designed items for each city you visit. M&M’S World has something for every member of your family. They had seasonal items such as beach wear and towels and even kitchen merchandise such as plates and cups.

We especially loved the Star Wars-themed items…

and the X-men.

While we were visiting, they had a promotion going for $5 off of a candy dispenser with the purchase of M&M’S. They had so many fun dispensers to choose from!  It was hard to decide which one to get.

We ended up with quite a bit of fun merchandise and were able to get an M&M’S throw blanket for only $5 with our purchase of $50 or more.

3-D Movie: “I Lost My M in Vegas”

My personal favorite part of our visit to M&M’S World Las Vegas was the 3-D Movie. They were playing “I Lost My M in Vegas.” It was a fun 10 minute 3-D movie that follows the Red and Yellow M&M’S on a Las Vegas adventure to get back Red’s “M”, that he lost playing the tables.

This movie was great for all ages and our family really enjoyed it. It is a nice way to take a break from the Vegas crowds and heat. Plus the best part is, it’s FREE!

The 3-D Movie plays every 20 minutes and the movie changes periodically.

Personalized M&M’S Printer

One of the most fun and unique features of M&M’S World Las Vegas, is the personalized M&M’S printer! In just a few minutes you can add a variety of images to your M&M’s. I think this would be perfect if you run a business or are hosting a themed party. It would also be cute to give out as a wedding favor. The M&M’s World in New York and London even allows you to print your own face on the M&M’s.

We had a wonderful time visiting M&M’S World Las Vegas with our family! This year is M&M’S 75th Anniversary and M&M’S is hosting a year-long celebration for its chocolate candy loving fans! Grab a party hat and join the fun in any of the M&M’S World Stores to find out how you can #CelebrateWithM.

What is your favorite M&M’S flavor? 

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