When I started this blog I wanted it to be a real life honest look into what it is like to raise all boys.  The good, the bad, the dirty and the noisy.  It’s definitely not all about the fun activities and fun food that I often blog about.  A lot of my time is spent acting more like a referee and a negotiator rather than a mother.

But, through the chaos, one thing I’ve learned is that raising boys is very predictable.   They can start off calmly building separate blanket forts one minute, to having a full out “Ultimate fighter” moment the next, where sometimes it seems like it will be a  battle to the death.    Yelling, pushing and trying to knock each others fort over.  All of which ends with everyone crying, sitting in separate rooms until they fizzle out, followed by a forced apology and then it is as if someone hits the repeat button and we do it all over again.  Play, fight, fizzle, apologize, play, fight, fizzle, apologize, etc.  You get the picture.

But at least I know what to expect every single time they start playing together.    It’s interesting how boys can go from being best friends one second to beating the tar out of each other the next.  And then, once they get it out of their system (or are allowed out of their rooms), they are back to being best buds.  If there is one thing I love about little boys it is the fact that they do not hold grudges.  They get it out of their system and then they move on (for the most part).

There is definitely a lesson that can be learned from all of that madness.  I wish I could sometimes just forgive and forget and not hold grudges but since I’m human (and a woman I must add) it is really hard for me.  I’m pretty good at moving on or not letting things get to me but if I look back on a negative situation or interaction I often find that I’m hanging on to negative feelings towards people, even if it’s been years since the situation happened.  Those feelings do nothing but hurt me and bring ME down.  And…life is too short for carrying a grudge.

Next time you run into a “scrappy” situation with someone, remember to get it out, get it over with and let it go. Life is too short.