It’s that time of year again.  Everyone you know will start making “resolutions” to do things differently or to make changes in their lives or to be better than we were last year.  I know our hearts are always in the right place but let me just be honest for a minute. Most of us will fall off the wagon, so to speak, within the next few weeks or months.  It’s going to happen.  Accept it and be prepared for it.  Now, before you think this is a post about how we’re all going to fail on our New Year’s resolutions, let me just ask this questions.  When you fall off the wagon, (and it will happen) or when things don’t go as planned, will you be able to persevere? Will you become a bouncer or a splatter?

Well, what’s the difference?

A Splatter hits rock bottom, falls apart and sticks like glue.
A Bouncer hits rock bottom and bounces back.

A Splatter has no thickness so won’t bounce back.
A Bouncer has a harder shell and easily bounces back.

A Splatter finds the bad in things and has a negative attitude.
A Bouncer finds the good in every situation and has an attitude of gratitude.

A Splatter has no real direction.
A Bouncer has a clear vision and understands what the want to accomplish. They know their reason why and they keep their eye focused on their goal regardless of the obstacles they encounter.

There is no third type of person.  Everyone will hit rock bottom at some point. Those who reach their goals have just as many obstacles or more than those who hit a wall and quit.

How to Persevere

So today or this week as you start working on your New Year’s resolutions, make the commitment to be a bouncer and don’t give up on on yourself the minute things don’t go as planned.  You owe it to yourself to bounce back and keep trying and you’ll be amazed at all that you can accomplish or become.