As this year is winding down, (Can you believe that??) I’ve been thinking about all of the unexpected things that were happening in  our little family this time a year ago.  It was one of the most stressful times of my life!  I spent the last 2 months of 2011 on bed rest and felt like a pin cushion as I got weekly shots for pre-term contractions and daily finger pricks to check my blood sugar for gestational diabetes and then somehow I made it through the holidays without being able to eat any sugar (haha!  Yes, THAT was stressful 😉 )

I had a pre-term baby the first of the year with a very difficult delivery and I had a recovery that continued on for 9 months. (I finally got the word from my Dr. this week that everything is fine.  Yay!)

I quit my job of 5 years even though my husband’s job had been really slow and although many, many people thought I was crazy and for that period of 4-5 months I just felt like all of the changes at once were too much to handle.  I was a crazy, hormonal ball of tears most days. (Thank heavens that is over!)

But…I believe that life is good!  Sometimes, in the moment, we can’t see what’s up ahead.  We act on faith or gut instinct even when things don’t make sense and even though it would seem easier to just stick with the life we know and have been living.  But that is not what’s always best for us.   Even though this year has been hard,  I look forward to the future, as uncertain as it is, and I try to remember this quote:

I’m looking forward to the better things that I am certain are going to start falling together for our family.

Happy Monday!