This morning I am taking the boys to grandma’s house in search of cooler weather and as I have been running around like crazy, packing things, getting my kids up and dressed and pretty much going about the craziness of our everyday life it dawned on me that I often fill my life with so much busyness that I forget to stop and be grateful for the little things that I have been blessed with.

In my post on 25 ways to get out of a mommy rut, the last thing mentioned about getting out of a rut was to count your blessings and as I was thinking of those blessings I remembered this little poem that had been given to me years ago.  I dug through my nightstand and found it and wanted to share it today.  I think I need to frame it and hang it in every room of the house because, even though my days can seem chaotic and loud and often overwhelming, I am so grateful for my boys that make it that way and I know I take my little everyday blessings for granted.Thank you Lord