Can you believe that it is already time for Thanksgiving??  I am seriously having a hard time believing that it is already here.  It seems like I have been SO busy and since I am constantly on the run the holidays have caught me by surprise!  But I AM thankful for a week that reminds me to slow down and express my gratitude for the small things I have.  I have a lot to be thankful for and this year especially I have realized that life doesn’t have to be perfect or always go the way we plan to be wonderful.  And I am so thankful for the small day-to-day things that make life fun and exciting.  I’m trying to be better at slowing down and having the opportunity for more of those little moments with my kids.

Gratitude quote

Some of the every day little things that I am grateful for:

1-Slobbery, open-mouthed kisses from the sweetest baby boy ever born

2-Butterfly kisses from a 4-year-old

3-The chance to give my boys an extra goodnight hug and kiss even though I know they are stalling going to bed

4-Reading stories to my boys and patiently waiting while my boys read to me.

5-A 4-year-olds “secrets” even though most of the time his secret is that he wants to go to Grandma’s house or Disneyland (to a 4 year old there’s not much difference between the two)

6-Flowers picked from the yard just for mom and proudly displayed in mason jars

7-Homemade jewelry made from cereal or macaroni and the smile on my boys face as they watch me wear them

8-The excitement in my boys eyes when I tell them we’re going to make a new treat

9-Cooking dinner with the help of my kids, even though I know the mess will be catastrophic!

10-Jumping on the trampoline with my boys (I haven’t done this enough lately).

11-Listening to my oldest boys tell me about their day at school and how they are trying to make good choices.

12-Unexpected hugs and “I love you’s”.

13-Family dance parties in the kitchen.  I love watching my boys bust a move. 😉

14-My baby’s scrunchy-nose smile.  That boy has me wrapped around his chubby little fingers.

15-Practicing the guitar with my 9-year-old and realizing that is his “mom” time without the other boys.

16-Listening to my boys pray.

17-Hearing every detail of my 6-year-old’s day.  He’s my only boy who will tell me everything he did at school.

18-The fact that my boys will all still hold my hand, even if my oldest will only do it when he’s sure no one is watching. 😉

19-Friday night movie/game night as a family, even though it often gets cut short due to arguments.

And last but not least,

20-I’m thankful for a wonderful husband who helps me to manage the little day-to-day events that occur in our house.  He is an amazing daddy to my boys and I love watching their excitement everyday when he comes home from work.  I’m one lucky girl to have so many wonderful big and little men in my life. 🙂

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week and take the time through all of the cooking, visiting and shopping to slow down and list the little things that you are grateful for each day.