I’m pretty positive that this is my absolute favorite craft we have ever done.  We have spent so much time playing with these and laughing at how cute this little baby is.  I used to love playing with Wooly Willy when I was a kid so I set out on this craft to try to make my own.  It was my husbands brilliant idea to use pictures of my kids instead of drawing the actual Wooly Willy and I’m so glad he thought of that because these are so super fun.

All you need is:

  • 2 paper plates
  • A close up picture of your child’s face
  • A few fuzzy craft sticks (you can choose any different colors that you want)
  • Something to cut metal.  I used my husband’s leatherman
  • Some sturdy plastic that you can cut (I used sheet protectors)
  • Tape, scissors, glue and a stapler

Cut a circle in the middle of one of your paper plates and cut a sheet of plastic that can cover the entire circle as well as have enough over hang for you to tape it to the inside of the plate.

Cut out your child’s picture and glue it to the center of the other paper plate.

Cut several fuzzy craft sticks into small pieces (as small as you can) and place them in the center of your child’s face on the plate.  Cover with the other plate and plastic and staple it around the edges so there are no gaps large enough for the fuzzy sticks to fall out.

Use a magnet to arrange the fuzzy stick pieces however you want. Since the fuzzy sticks have metal in them they are magnetic.  My kids have spent hours playing with these.  Here are a few pics of the other ones we made and decorated:

Although we’ve played with baby’s the most here are some cute ones of his brothers:

Hope you have as much fun with yours as we have with ours!!  These are perfect for entertaining the kids in the car.

If you like it!