Why you will never buy finger paint again

Some people consider me crazy when it comes to the types of activities I let my kids do.  For example, Play-doh is a must-have at our house although I know lots of moms that don’t allow it (hello, it entertains for hours!!  And all I have to do is sweep up the floor when they’re done) and all of my boys have gone through a stage where they could have lived in a dirt pile.  So painting with our hands using finger paint is really no big deal around here as long as it is contained to the kitchen.

I always loved finger paint as a kid.  There is just something about that squishy goo between your fingers and being able to create something with your hands.  Loved it!

Anytime I can make something for less than I can buy it I get excited and plus living in a small town makes it hard to find certain things.  So, when I came across an easy recipe for finger paint in a family cookbook I knew we had to give it a try,  This recipe is so easy that you will never buy finger paint again!

How to make finger paint

Finger Paint

1/4 C cornstarch

2 C cold water


How to make finger paint

cool, add food coloring

How to make finger paint.and enjoy.

How to make finger paint

Easiest.recipe.ever!  You might just find yourself sitting down with the kids to join in the fun time and time again.  Next time I will double the recipe because when my older boys get home and find out that we finger painted and that it is all gone, they are not going to be happy campers.  I guess we’ll just have to make another batch. 🙂

What are some fun, messy things you like to do with your kids?


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