pinwheel cookies

In honor of Flag Day (June 14th) my boys and I decided to make these cute cookies.  I had wanted to try and do some type of pinwheel cookies but all of the recipes I found seemed really complicated.

So, I simplified and decided to just use refrigerated cookie dough from the grocery store (something I rarely do).  And these turned out cute.  Just FYI you could totally make these with your own favorite sugar cookie recipe.

I just bought 3 tubes of cookie dough and used my food processor to mix them with food coloring.

Then I rolled them out really flat and put each color into a cookie sheet that was lined with wax paper.Pinwheel cookies

I refrigerated them for a couple of hours and then carefully took the red and blue layers and stacked them on top of the white layer.  Using the wax paper to help me, I rolled them up like cinnamon rolls and rolled the entire roll in red, white and blue sprinkles.

 pinwheel cookies

Then I covered the roll in wax paper and chilled for an hour or so, until it was pretty hard and cut the roll with a knife I had run under warm water making these pretty little pinwheels.

Pinwheel cookies

Bake at 350° for 10-12 mins depending on your oven.Pinwheel cookies


A cookie can’t get more patriotic than that!

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