Pirate Ship Cake

Well after a week of a laptop crash, blog redesign and hosting transfer, I am back!  How do you like the new look?  I’m still working out some of the bugs but I am loving how things turned out.

This past week was yet another birthday around here and this time we set sail with Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  I have made this simple pirate ship cake before for one of my older boys so we thought we’d try it again.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again, I am NOT a queen of making cakes.  I’ve made a few fun cakes but if I’m going to attempt it, it has to be easy.

Pirate Ship Cake

Make a cake mix according to the directions on the box and in two 8″ or 9″ round cake pans.

Pirate Ship cakeCut each cake in half and stack on top of each other with chocolate frosting holding the layers together.

pirate ship cake

Cut the bottom of the cakes off so that it is flat.  This will make it less likely that your cake will split in half. 🙂 (not that I know that by experience…or maybe I do. 😉  )

pirate ship cakeFrost the rest of the cake with chocolate frosting and then carefully tip it onto its bottom and frost the other side.   I used Pepperidge Farm Pirouette Rolled Wafers, to make the edges of the ship.

For the sail of the ship I found a picture online of the Jake and the Neverland Pirate’s ship and blew up the image so that I could print and cut out the sail.  I then thread the papers onto a large wooden skewer and adjusted them so they looked like they were blowing.

Pirate ship Cake

And the last thing to do was add Jake and his Neverland friends.

pirate ship cake

Things looked great up to that point but I don’t know if it was the weight of the toys or what but by the time we sang Happy Birthday this ship was about to sink.  So, my only advice if you are a cake amateur like I am, is to wait as long as possible before you need the cake to add any additional decorations so that it doesn’t crack down the middle, or cut the bottom flatter.  I’m sure there are people reading this who would have known just what to do to fix it, but we just sang really quickly and cut it up anyways. 🙂

pirate ship cakeAnd, luckily, this kid didn’t seem to mind one bit!  He loved his pirate ship cake.  (picture taken right before we sang. 🙂  )

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