This past week was a crazy, busy week for me.  I had an awesome opportunity to attend a blogging conference in Utah put on by Six Sister’s Stuff and I learned more about blogging than I ever thought possible.  It left me excited for the endless possibilities out there for this blog but it also left my head spinning and left me with a lot of choices about the direction I want things to go.

The keynote speaker was Brooke Walker from Studio 5.  As she talked about using a blog to be a positive influence for our readers it made me really stop and think.  One of the tips she gave was to “Play up the positive” and that one phrase had me thinking all day long.  What does it mean to “play up the positive” in our lives?  I have heard and have even received criticism that bloggers aren’t showing their “real” lives when they post about the fun activities, crafts, etc that they are doing with their kids.  That the lives they are putting forth for the world to see are fake or embellished in some way and that no one really lives like that.

But one thing that Brooke mentioned in her presentation was that since the world is such a negative place, people are craving positive, happy headlines.    I have been debating over the past month if I should just focus more on putting out crafts and activities on the blog or if I should stick with doing a weekly motivational post as well.  I’ve slacked off a little bit on my Monday Motivations because I wasn’t getting the same feedback as I do for say, an Angry Bird’s Pizza or a Farm Birthday Party.

So I wondered if it was worth the time or if anyone was even reading the Monday Motivations.  And I started thinking that maybe they were too “cheesy” , for lack of a better word.  But as I’ve read back through a lot of them I’m realizing that they do share more of my authentic life.  It’s just who I am.  I have problems and I turn to motivational things to help me get through them.

After listening to Brooke talk about being an influencer I’ve decided that I need to continue to write motivational things, even if it is just for me to hear.  As my blog continues to grow (and THANK YOU for being here!!) I know that sharing the positive parts of my life is what I want to do but  I think I’ve done a pretty good job at sharing the realistic, and not-so-fun parts of my life such as dealing with anxiety,  being stuck in a mommy rut and feeling like an invisible mom as well.  I don’t feel that I need to post about every tantrum we deal with, how messy my house always is or every time I want to lock myself in my bedroom and never come out.  I think my readers are smart enough to know that I have those days just like anyone else right?

So here is my question to you.  Do you think it is okay for us, not just bloggers but all of us, to play up the positive in our lives?  And do you think you can play up the positive and still be authentic?

I would love to read your thoughts in the comments.