Pool Noodle SwordsPool Noodle Swords

Every spring I watch for the dollar store to get in their stock of pool noodles.  Not necessarily because we need them for swimming, but because we have found so many other fun pool noodle activities. We even created a pool noodle goal post for my son’s Sports Birthday Party.  My boys turn them into weapons anyways, so it was only natural for us to make pool noodle swords out of them.

On my husband’s side of the family we are blessed with an abundance of boys.  I think the ratio of cousins is now 22 boys (soon to be 23) to 5 girls.  So when we all get together there is also an abundance of energy.  Most of us were together for Thanksgiving and my sister-in-law had the idea to make swords out of pool noodles so the boys could have a war without hurting each other.  It was brilliant!   She also bought some plastic shields from the dollar store.

How to Make Pool Noodle Swords

To make these, all you need is duct tape and pool noodles.

Cut the pool noodles in half or to the length that you want.

We made a variety of swords with different colors of pool noodles and black and grey duct tape.  All you need to do is wrap the duct tape around the ends and then wrap strips of the other color over the top.

Pool Noodle SwordsWe made up the swords and sent the boys on a scavenger hunt to find them.  We thought that would take them a little bit of time since we sent them through a huge area to find different pictures of things, but they were done in record time and the war had begun.

Pool Noodle SwordsDon’t these mighty warriors look ferocious! lol!  I love these boys. 🙂

And of course the boys who were the most willing and anxious to show off their sweet skills were the 5-year-olds.

Pool noodle swords

We are lucky enough to spend most Thanksgiving days outside and the great thing about these swords is they don’t really hurt so they had an all out battle and it was a fun way to keep them busy.

If you can’t find pool noodles at a store in your area, I have found them online at Amazon and Walmart.

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