Rainbow Fruit Snack Rainbow Fruit Snack

Last week I shared the Fruity Rainbow Crispy Treats we made for my son’s Kindergarten class to go along with Rainbow week, and today I’m sharing the fun Rainbow Fruit Snack that we put together to go with the treats.

I was debating on what I could make that would go along with rainbows and I’ve made a Rainbow Fruit Tray and Rainbow Snack Tray before that would have been fun,  but I needed something that could be passed out easily and with as little chaos as possible.  When you get 25 Kindergarten students in one room, it is best to make things as simple as possible. 😉

Then I thought I would just make some Rainbow Fruit Skewers similar to the Fruit Rockets we made for the 4th of July but the thought of handing out sharp objects to 5 and 6 year old kids was also a little bit scary. And my son would have probably been the one starting sword fights or stabbing his neighbor. But,  I still wanted to do a rainbow fruit snack and had snack size plastic baggies and this idea was born.  They worked perfectly!

Rainbow Fruit SnackFor the rainbow colors I used strawberries, mandarin oranges, pineapple, and green and purple grapes.  I had considered using blueberries but didn’t know how many kids would actually eat them.  I know my boys don’t normally like them so I decided to leave them off.

Assembly of the bags is pretty self explanatory as I just added a few of each color into the bags and then sealed the shut.  Since this as for Kindergarten I only added about 3-4 of each item.  If you were doing a snack for older kids you could definitely add more fruit.  From what I hear, these were a hit!

Check back this Saturday for the first installment of Science Saturday where we will be sharing a fun rainbow science experiment!