If you love holiday crafting with your kids, but don’t have a lot of time, this Spider Craft can be made in 5 minutes or less.

Spider Craft

Spider Craft

Halloween is coming!   My boys love decorating and making crafts, but I don’t always have a lot of time to devote to it. This easy spider craft only took us about 5 minutes to make. Sound like the perfect craft to me!

We originally made these a few years ago and I love how small my boys look in these pictures.

How to make a Spider Craft

Supplies needed:
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Spider CraftI had some foam craft balls left over from last year and received a fun box of craft supplies from CraftProjectIdeas.com to complete our project.

This was a great project because everyone in my family could get involved.

First, we had to paint the foam balls.  I was going to paint them all black but my 5-year-old just wasn’t okay with a plain black spider so I let him choose what colors he wanted and so naturally he chose a blue and red spider.  Much more exciting than just plain black.

Spider craftI even gave our little guy a washable marker and let him “paint” his foam balls.  He loved getting to be involved in the action.

Spider craft

We then just had to wait for the paint to dry before gluing on the googly eyes and adding the fuzzy sticks for legs.

While we were waiting, my boys decided to have a little bit of fun with the fuzzy sticks and make their own types of spiders.

Spider craftI don’t know about you but I think that spider is even cooler than the ones I had them make. 😉

Once the paint was dry, we cut the fuzzy sticks with a craft wire cutter and stuck them into the foam ball.  Then we glued on the googly eyes.

What do you think?  Is that easy enough for you?

Spider CraftWe added some spider webs to a tree in our front room and it made the perfect home for these spiders.  Can you tell which of the above spiders is mine?  I have to have at least some girlie things in my house. 😉

Spider craftI hope you have a Spiderific day!!

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I received some of our crafting supplies from CraftProjectIdeas.com.  CraftProjectIdeas.com is a source for photo and video tutorials to inspire and educate kids through arts and crafts.  Find projects for preschoolers to tweens, holidays to rainy days, in the classroom or at home, using affordable products easily available at major retailers.