Spring Break Scavenger Hunt

We are on day 3 of Spring Break and although our first day was a breeze as the kids entertained themselves outside pretty much all day, now they are starting to get bored.   Yesterday when they came in SO bored I jotted down a scavenger hunt on a piece of scrap paper and sent them out on an adventure.

They were gone for about 30 minutes looking around our cul-de-sac for everything on the list.  Then they were back wanting more.  I made a new list and sent them out and we repeated this all afternoon.  By the end of the day they were making their own lists and pretty much entertaining themselves.

I thought it would be fun to put together a Spring Break scavenger hunt for anyone trying to keep kids entertained.  This includes a lot of things that kids could find in their backyard as well as items that they would have to be on the look out around town or in the car as you are traveling.

And if you are heading into the mountains over your break you might want to print out our Eye Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt.  Your kids will loving keeping an eye out for squirrels, deer and eagles.  Last time we went camping we found everything except a moose.

Megan T. over on The Joys of Boys Facebook page had the brilliant suggestion to send the kids out with a camera as they are hunting and have them capture everything in pictures.  I haven’t done this yet but knowing my boys, they will have a lot of fun with that.  Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ll have fun looking at the pictures that they take.

Spring Break Scavenger Hunt

Sping Break Scavenger Hunt

And click here for a free printable.

Whatever you do over your Spring Break make sure to enjoy the time with your family and be safe!