If your boys are like mine, every day after school a couple of ravenous beasts return home wanting to eat everything in sight.  My boys tend to be really, REALLY grumpy when they are hungry so feeding them asap is a must.

I’ve been trying to have healthier and more filling snacks available to them so they aren’t just finishing off an entire box of gold fish crackers or cereal, so this week my 4-year-old helped me make this St Patricks Day food.  He’s been home sick from preschool so I’ve been trying to entertain him with some St Patrick’s day fun.

St Patricks Day Food

First we made a colorful rainbow snack tray.

St Patricks day food

We used pepperoni, carrots, cheese and olives (close enough to violet right?)  for the colors of the rainbow and homemade ranch dip for the clouds.

St patricks day food

We also made Shamrock Quesadillas:

St Patricks Day food

These are pretty self explanatory.  I used spinach tortillas and cheese and cooked them over my electric griddle. After cooking the quesadillas, I cut them with a shamrock cookie cutter, the same one I used to make our Shamrock Sugar Cookies.

My boys were wondering how I made them green and if they were just normal tortillas.  I may or may not have mentioned that they were just dyed green for St Patrick’s Day. 😉  If I had said the word spinach, not a single kid in this house would have touched one of these.   But they all gobbled them up.

St Patricks day food

Even baby loved his quesadilla and went back for more.  He looks like he’s in some sort of crazy daze in this picture.  Must have been really enjoying his food.

Overall everyone loved this snack and the ravenous beasts were satisfied for another day.

What is your favorite after-school snack you feed your kids?

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