These fun and easy St Patrick’s Day Games can be played at home or even in a classroom.  They are free to print and your kids will love them!

St Patrick's Day Game

Quick and Easy St Patricks Day Games

St Patrick’s Day is a fun chance to do some fun things with your kids. We’ve made some fun food ideas like our Rainbow snack and Shamrock cookies, and these St Patrick’s Day games are so much fun.

Let’s Roll a Leprechaun

We made up a  game that we named “Let’s Roll a Leprechaun”.  This was inspired by the game “Roll a Pumpkin” from Happy Home Fairy that my boys played over and over and over at Halloween time.

The picture is self explanatory but basically, you take turns rolling dice and based on what you roll you are able to add a feature to your leprechaun or for a twist if you roll an 11 you have to switch papers with another person. (My 4-year-old was absolutely NOT giving up his leprechaun so you can always leave it out or change #11.  My older boys thought it was fun.)   The first person to finish their leprechaun wins.

St Patricks Day Games

You can download a free printable of our game here:

We played this tonight for family night and I love the leprechauns we ended up with.  The names on their papers are what they named their leprechauns.  We have Joe, Clover and Ernie.

St Patricks Day games

St Patricks Day Game

St Patricks Day Games

I’m pretty sure Ernie is my favorite! lol!  I especially love how his rainbow goes through his hat and looks like hair. Love it!

Second is a St Patrick’s Day word search.  I absolutely loved word searches as a kid and I still do.  I found this great website A to Z Teacher Stuff  that allows you to make word searches and other types of worksheets online and then print them out.  I saw that they had a feature to make the word search look like different shapes and they had a clover!  Perfect for St Patricks Day games.

St Patrick’s Day Word Search

I was able to create this fun word search:

St Patrick's Day games : word searchClick on this link to be able to print out your own for your family.

I hope you love these St Patricks Day Games!

St Patrick's Day Games

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