Every year our family loves to make snowflakes together. We are always on the look out for some snowflakes that are better than the average snowflakes we would normally make.  These Star Wars snowflakes are seriously the best thing ever!

Star Wars Snowflakes

Star Wars Snowflakes

My boys love Star Wars Crafts and Star Wars inspired recipes, so we were excited to find these creations by Anthony Herrera.  What was supposed to be about 10-20 minutes of making paper snowflakes turned into an hour or more of Star Wars snowflakes.  I finally had to  call it a night on this project because we could have gone all night and someone has to enforce bed time around here.  I know, I hate to always be the bad guy that ruins all the fun.

Here are some of our Star Wars Snowflakes creations:

Star Wars snowflake

Star Wars Snowflakes

Top: Yoda, r2d2

Middle: Storm Troopers and Chewbacca

Bottom: Darth Vader, Princess Leia

Star Wars Snowflake

I’ll be honest I was worried about how these would turn out but they turned out great. My older two boys were able to do the bigger cuts and then I finished off the smaller details with an  x-acto knife so my boys didn’t lose any fingers. We wouldn’t want that now would we?  And I’ll be honest, I left out a few of the teeny details because  my hand was getting a cramp.  The sacrifices moms make to be awesome! 😉


Star Wars Snowflakes

These were a perfect addition to our red kitchen wall!

Templates and video tutorials can be found here.

And check out these AMAZING Star Wars Gifts for the Star Wars fan in your house! (Or pick a few up for yourself.  The cookie cutters and waffle maker are my favorite!)

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