With four boys, I know how hard it can be to find not only stylish clothes, but also clothes that last for more than one kid (We love hand-me-downs!). When it comes to summer time, we love to be comfy but I also like my boys to have nice outfits for when we are visiting family or going out on family adventures.  My favorite place to shop for stylish summer clothes for boys is Gymboree!

Summer Clothes for Boys

Summer Clothes for Boys

Gymboree makes it easy to put together stylish outfits.  If you visit Gymboree.com you can see that they have several collections that allow you to choose the perfect summer clothes for boys of every personality.

Stylish Clothes for Boys

My favorite collections are:

Tide Pool – I love that it includes surfer shorts and bright tops that are perfect for exploring the beach!

 Patio Party Set Surfer Star Set



Island Hopper – Perfect for a tropical adventure.  I love the jungle animal prints!

 Island Time Set Sporty Savannah Set


Jungle Tour – Bright colors and safari designs that are made for exploring!

 Trail Trekker Set Monkeying Around Set


And of course I love the Red, White and Cute Set!  Perfect for celebrating the 4th of July and showing your patriotism.

 Patriotic Plaid Set United States of Awesome Stars and Stripes Splash


If you love coordinating outfits with your kids, Gymboree has some fun options.  With coordinating and interchangeable outfits, you can find several options that look nice together.

Coordinating Summer Shirts for Boys

For the animal lover in your family, get these shirts from Gymboree’s Jawsome line. They are all blue and your kids can look coordinated without being overly match-y!

shark with a submarine tshirt for boys
Shark Sub Tee

giant squid on tshirt for boys
Giant Squid Tee

whale skater tea for boys
Whale Skater Tee

And for the toddlers, you can’t miss cute clothes that coordinate with the siblings, right!
summer toddler clothes
Sea-U-L8R Tee

And just in case you have a girl, here’s a cute girl-y summer shirt that coordinate with the blues for boys!
cute sunny shirt for girls
Sunny Stamp Tee

Comfortable Summer Shorts for Boys

Choosing neutral tones for bottoms can be a lifesaver when you have four kids, boys especially. This way, when you do have to change the shirt, the pants can remain unchanged. I have enough clothes to wash without having to make a full outfit change unnecessarily, don’t you?

striped cargo shorts which come in a variety of options for boys
Striped Cargo Shorts

camp shorts for boys - coordinates well with many options
The Camp Short

Swim Suits for Boys

When it comes to making a splash in the lake, ocean, or pool, it is important to find a rash guard and trunks that your kiddo finds to be comfortable (not restricting), so that they can use that clothing layer as a barrier from the sun. It is easy to forget to reapply sunblock as often as is recommended.

cute octopus rash guard for boys
Octopus Rash Guard

shark board shorts for boys
Shark Board Shorts

rashguard that is surf inspired for boys
Surf Rashguard

swim trunks for boys
Leaf Colorblock Swim Trunks

Sandals for Boys

Gymboree has several options for sandals for boys that come in a variety of sizes and go with just about anything.

flip flops for boys
Summer Flip Flops

These also come in size 9 toddler to Boys’ 4 so will fit a variety of sizes and go well with the outfits I chose as well. Decisions, decisions!

Trek Sandals

… and sunglasses!  How adorable are our little men in sunglasses?  Love these!

aviator sunglasses for kids
Aviator Sunglasses

I love these orange sunglasses! 
summer clothes from gymboree - orange sunglasses
Sporty Orange Sunglasses

As for summer plans, what’s on the agenda for you? Days at the beach? A big road trip? I hope these ideas of summer clothes for boys have inspired you to find clothes that not only hold up to all of your boys’ adventures this summer, but also keep them looking stylish while they explore!

Stylish Clothes for Boys