What is a Superhero?  Everyone will tell you that a superhero is someone who helps people and has super powers.  But, what is a Superhero Family and how can your family become a Superhero family?

Superhero Family

With four boys in our family, it’s an understatement to say that superheroes are a big deal around here. We own just about every superhero costume and toy there is.

Superhero family

In just a week, our family will be soaking in the Florida sun at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel for a Family Forward retreat thanks to Mom it Forward. We will get the chance to build our family bond and will learn ways to make our family a “Superhero” family. I asked my boys what it means to become a Superhero Family.  Here are their answers: (Aren’t they cute!)

So how can we become a Superhero Family?

3 Ways to become a Superhero Family

  1. Help Each Other – When I asked my boys how our family could become a Superhero family, they all answered in the same way: Help each other.  Superheroes help people in need.  They protect and defend those who are in trouble.  As a family we need to be willing to help each other.
  2. Fight the Bad Guys together- There will come a time where every family will encounter “bad guys”.  Our family members need to know that we will always be there to protect each other from bullies.  We can stick up for each other and always have each others’ back.
  3. Focus on each family member’s “powers” – Each member of a family has their own unique “super powers”.   We need to make sure each family member knows that their individual talents or “powers” are important and that when we use them together we are stronger.


How can your family become a Superhero Family?