Reindeer pancakes

Disney’s Frozen: Sven the Reindeer Pancakes

One thing you might not know about me is that I get absolutely giddy when I see that a new Disney movie is coming out.   I knew every word to every song to the classics like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King and was known (and still am known) to spontaneously break out into song, especially with The Little Mermaid.  I think I secretly wanted to be her. Haha!  So when I saw that Disney is releasing Frozen this weekend, we had to do something to get my boys into the Disney mood.  That is when the idea of Sven the Reindeer pancakes came to mind.

I was blessed with all boys and let’s just say that they don’t have the same respect for the classic Disney movies that I do and I have no one to sing karaoke with to A Whole New World,” or “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”  And the idea of “princess” movies just doesn’t fly around here.  That is why I love that the latest Disney movies, like Frozen, that have an appeal to both genders so I can still get my Disney fix in the theaters but my boys won’t moan and complain about having to see a princess show.

Reindeer pancakes

These reindeer pancakes were easy to make and pretty self-explanatory from the pictures.

Step one: Use your favorite pancake batter to make the oval heads.

Step two: Cut out a circle pancake using a cookie cutter for the nose.

Step three:  While you are cooking the pancakes, be heating hash browns in a pan to use for the beard.

Step 4: Cut bananas for the eyes and ears and use a chocolate chip for the pupils.

Step 5: Cook bacon and then cut it into thin strips to use for the antlers, nose and mouth.

Step 6: Assemble it all together and then serve.

Disney’s Frozen will be released this Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to take my boys.  Here is a little sneak peak to help you get excited as well.