If you are like me, you love having a tablet for browsing the internet or reading, but you may have found that your kids love your tablet just as much as you do.  I have a 2-year-old and while I limit his time on electronics, he loves doing his ABCs or watching shows.  But, he is rough on my things! I hesitate to let him use them because I don’t want anything to get broken.  So how do you choose a tablet that will survive the toddler years?

Choosing a Tablet for Toddlers

I’ve put together some things to look for when choosing a tablet that will survive the toddler years and I’m sharing the things I love about the Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition tablet .

  1. Guarantee – A Guarantee is a must when young kids are involved. If you are going to make a big purchase, you want peace of mind knowing you can get it replaced if it is accidentally broken. The Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition comes with the first ever 2-year worry-free guarantee. Basically if anything happens, send it back and they’ll replace it for free-no questions asked. Perfect for families with toddlers!
  2. Kid-Proof Case – A good case is so important to protecting your tablet from all of the drops and bumps that are inevitable when you have children.  The Fire HD Kids Edition comes with a durable, lightweight kid-proof case and comes in 3 different colors.
    Amazon Fire HD Kids edition review
  3. Size – The size of a tablet will really affect whether or not your toddler can hold it without dropping it.  I love that the Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition comes in 6″ or 7″.  It is also surprisingly light weight!  Small enough for a toddler to hold as well as light enough to minimize drops.
  4. Parental Controls – As a parent, I want to be able to control what my children see on a tablet as well as the amount of time they spend playing games.   Every Amazon Fire HD Kids tablet comes with a year of FreeTime Unlimited from Amazon.  With FreeTime, parents can personalize screen time limits, set educational goals, and choose which titles their kids can access.  Plus FreeTime gives you access to 5,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games, at no additional cost.  With parental controls, you can restrict time spent on games and videos and allow for unlimited reading!  I love that!
  5. Unique Profiles – I LOVE that on the Amazon Fire HD Kids Tablet I can set up unique profiles for each member of my family and that my kids can’t access my profile without a password.  My 2-year-old got a hold of my phone and deleted an app that I had taken pictures of a birthday party, baptism, family vacation, etc and I was not able to get any of those pictures back.  I was devastated!  I’m so glad that I can keep my profile separate from my kids.  You can set up 2 adult and up to 4 kids profiles per device and can even distinguish between a children’s profile and a tween/teen profile.

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition

We have really loved trying out the Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition tablet!  My boys love that they can each have their own profile and that my two-year-old can’t get onto their games and mess up the things they have been working on.  And I LOVE the parental controls!

What things do you look for when purchasing a tablet for your kids?


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