Little Boys Treasures: Expect the Unexpected

Little Boys Treasures I’ve been a mom of boys now for going on 11 years and pretty much everything I have learned has been taught by experience.   But there is one thing that I wasn’t prepared for and that I didn’t realize was a “boy” thing until I had boys: They love treasures and not the kind of treasures you would expect.  In fact, any random object can become a treasure to them.   I always had envisioned my boys’ rooms decorated like Pottery Barn magazines with everything in its place and organized and my boys acting like little gentlemen (I was WAY off on that one) but what I failed to realize is that the silliest things can become prized possessions for little boys and getting rid of  little boys’ treasures is harder than you might think. […]

With Kids vs. Without kids

How has your life changed since having kids? I documented a few things that are different with kids vs without kids. But we wouldn’t change anything for the world. With Kids vs. Without Kids It has been 10 years now since I first became a mom.  Can you believe that? NickMom recently asked moms to share how life was different before vs after kids so let me share.  Even though I love being a mom there are times when I have to stop and laugh about how different times were before we had kids compared to now with 4 boys.  In fact, I have a hard time even remembering what it was like.  I’m sure it was quiet – really, really quiet. […]

Legoland Vacation: 10 Tips for Planning Your Trip to Legoland

Thinking about visiting Legoland? Here are 10 Tips for Planning your next Legoland Vacation. As mentioned in my 10 Reasons to Visit Legoland post, we recently returned from Legoland, CA.  Today I am sharing some of the tips and tricks I learned to help you in planning the ultimate Legoland vacation. […]

Sometimes Playing is Hard Work!

If you are a parent [...]

How to Make an Easy Lego Table

You know that Santa is a pretty smart fella!  He knew that if he brought my boys the LEGO sets they were wanting then they would need a Lego table to build them on so little brother couldn’t get them.  We love our smaller LEGO table, but this one makes it so everyone can play together. How to Build a LEGO Table But, knowing that we don’t have the room for a permanent Lego table, he brought us one that not only folds flat, but folds in half as well.  That Santa is a smarty pants indeed.  After inspecting the table I thought I would try and let you know how he built it. 😉 […]

Happiness is…

Happiness is the dis [...]

Christmas Traditions

I admit it…My tree is still up, my Christmas lights are still on outside and I’m not ready to accept the fact that Christmas is over for another year.  I just love Christmas and I love making Christmas memories with my boys!  I probably should have shared this a week ago but we’ve been having too much fun playing at grandma’s house in the snow. Christmas Traditions We don’t go overboard but we have a few fun things we do to get us in the Christmas spirit. We start December by counting the days until Christmas with our magnetic Nativity advent calendar.  I love that it helps my boys remember the reason for the season everyday of the month and the boys make paper countdown chains that they use to decorate their room.  For some ideas on how I help my kids keep Christ in Christmas visit: 8 Simple Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas. My boys are also insistent on decorating a gingerbread house.  One day I’ll get up the courage to make them from scratch (Oh, who am I kidding.  That’s never going to happen. 😉 ) but for now the Gingerbread house kits will have to work. This year we found a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Gingerbread House Kit with gummy critters that we got a chuckle out of because they were a little pretty ridiculous. We always go on a Christmas light hunt to find as many Christmas lights as we can and of course we blast the Christmas tunes as we go. And if we get lucky we might just run into Santa. (No sure if he was trying to be “scary Santa” or what but I think I’d be a little worried to sit on his lap. hehe) […]

“Mom, my baby’s awake!”

I think everyone wor [...]

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