You know that Santa is a pretty smart fella!  He knew that if he brought my boys the LEGO sets they were wanting then they would need a Lego table to build them on so little brother couldn’t get them.  We love our smaller LEGO table, but this one makes it so everyone can play together.

LEGO Table

How to Build a LEGO Table

But, knowing that we don’t have the room for a permanent Lego table, he brought us one that not only folds flat, but folds in half as well.  That Santa is a smarty pants indeed.  After inspecting the table I thought I would try and let you know how he built it. 😉

Santa used a Lifetime 34-inch square fold in half table.   (Getting the right table is important for this project.) The great thing about this table is not only that it can be stored easily when the kids are not using it, but it is also very durable like other Lifetime tables.

Lego TableLego Table

Santa used two of the LEGO Large Building Plates 4 Piece set that can be found at  Two of these were perfect for this table because all of the pieces were used except one green plate and one and a half blue plates, which are great to have on hand anyway and it is less expensive to buy them as a set.

Santa used Liquid Nails to glue the two 15″ grey base plates to one side of the folding table  and then 3 of the 10″ green base plates to the other side of the fold in the table.  He then cut two of the 10″ blue base plates in half using an Xacto Knife and glued three of them up next to the green base plates, leaving approximately 3 inches around the entire outside of the table.   Then you can use extra Lego pieces to make sure the pieces were spaced correctly after being glued down, but before the glue dried, so that you can build across the entire table if they wanted, which has definitely come in handy.  That Santa sure knows a thing or two about making toys!

Lego TableLego table

Christmas Morning!!  The boys spent literally hours working on their Lego sets.

Lego table

Lego table

Finished products:Lego Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle and the LEGO City Gold Mine.

Lego table

Lego table

Order the supplies needed to make your own LEGO table today:



 Lifetime 80273 Fold in Half Square Table, 34 Inch, White LEGO Education Large Building Plates 4570274 (4 Pieces) Liquid Nails LN700 4-Ounce Small Projects and Repairs Adhesive



And of course you may be thinking, “Okay, that is cool and all but I don’t have the time or the desire to make one.”  🙂 Well, in that case, yes, you can just buy a LEGO table already made.  I’ve found some great ones at Amazon and Ebay.

Of course we love everything LEGO related.  If you have little boys and you haven’t been to Legoland I’ve put together 10 reasons to take a Legoland vacation (not that you’ll need any convincing) and 10 tips for planning the ultimate Legoland vacation.

We also love our smaller DIY LEGO table!  Perfect for my little guys to put their creations on when they play on the floor.

DIY LEGO table


And check out these DIY LEGO tables from our friends around the web: 



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