Easter Egg Pancakes

With Easter coming up we wanted to create a new fun and east Easter Breakfast.  My boys had the idea to make Build Your Own Easter Egg Pancakes.  They had a blast decorating and eating their own Easter Eggs. Easter Egg Pancakes I’ve always found that if I present fruit to my boys in a fun way that they will eat it right up.  When we decided to make these Build Your Own Easter Egg Pancakes, I wanted to make sure there was plenty of fruit available for decorating.  These Easter Egg pancakes were really simple to make and my boys had fun making their own creations. […]

Easy St Patrick’s Day Breakfast – 4-Leaf Clover Pancakes

It’s St Patrick’s Day!  Did you wear green?  We love making holiday breakfasts and this Easy St Patrick’s Day Breakfast was so fun for my boys.  Who do you know who would love lucky 4-Leaf Clover Pancakes? Easy St Patrick’s Day Breakfast – 4-Leaf clover Pancakes I love how much excitement my boys have over every little holiday. I was never really into celebrating St Patrick’s Day until I had kids.  I especially love listening to my son tell me all about the leprechaun that is going to come to school and bring treats.  (I hope it shows up!).  He asked me every single day if it is the day where he is supposed to wear green.  Last year we made these fun Leprechaun Pancakes for St Patrick’s Day and this year we went even easier by making this easy St Patrick’s Day breakfast of 4-leaf clover pancakes! […]

Baymax Pancakes: Big Hero 6 Breakfast

If you are a parent you know that Big Hero Six is all the rage right now.  These Baymax pancakes were SO easy to make and made my boys’ day. Baymax Pancakes: Easy Big Hero 6 Breakfast […]

“Sugar Cookie” Valentine Pancakes

It’s Valentine’s Day which means we had to have some fun Valentine Pancakes.  We love our Easy Valentine’s Breakfast that we have had in past years but this year we switched it up with these easy “Sugar Cookie” Valentine Pancakes. Sugar Cookie Valentine Pancakes We have a tradition of making fun pancakes for each holiday.  These “Sugar Cookie” Valentine Pancakes are easy enough for even the most amateur of pancake makers. 🙂  And, no, these do not taste like sugar cookies unfortunately but since we always decorate our sugar cookies with fun frosting, I thought we could do the same with pancakes, except with whipped cream instead of frosting.  And, by the way, if you HAVE a real sugar cookie pancake recipe, please send it my way and we can be bffs for life. […]

Christmas Tree Pancakes

I can’t believe that I have never made Christmas Tree Pancakes before!  I love making fun breakfast creations for my boys and these were simple to make! Christmas Tree Pancakes I have decided that with just a little bit of effort, fun breakfasts for kids can be created in no time at all.  I love some of our other Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids and these Christmas Tree Pancakes were even easier to make.   My oldest boys are getting to the point that they can help out in the kitchen and that makes things even more fun. […]

Fun Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids

I love holiday food and especially breakfast food.  I’m excited to be sharing fun Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids as well as an amazing giveaway! Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids If you have followed along with us for any amount of time, you know that we love creating fun food, especially breakfast foods. These Christmas Breakfast Ideas for kids are both fun and fairly simple to make and the best part of all…your kids will love them!!  These are a great way to make Christmas morning even more magical. […]

Breakfast for Back to School

These breakfast ideas for the first day of school from Frenchie Wraps are adorable!  I love doing fun things for the first day of school and I love this fancy but fun breakfast idea. Easy Breakfast for Back to School I really can’t believe the summer is coming to an end!  It flew by.  This week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys we are sharing ideas for heading back to school because, unfortunately, we can’t have Summer all year round.   This Easy Breakfast for Back to School post by Frenchie Wraps is  a post about  a fun way to celebrate the end of summer with a fun and funky table setting. You can get the entire family involved in the decorations and setting of the table with printables by caravanshoppe.com.  […]

“Man”Cakes – The Perfect Father’s Day Breakfast

Father’s Day is right around the corner and one tradition we have in our house is making fun ManCakes for our dad. ManCakes for Father’s Day When I was young one of my favorite memories is when my dad would be home on Saturday mornings and would make us all sorts of different shaped pancakes.  I normally got a softball and bat or a treble clef since I loved softball and music.  My sister would often get a ballerina but he could make pretty much anything. Sometimes we’d just get a fun mancake that we could dress up or make or own.  I think that is where my love of making fun pancakes came about.  We also loved going to Denny’s or Village Inn and getting their ManCakes for breakfast. […]

PacMan Waffles

PacMan Waffles Last week I had the chance to attend the SNAP blogging conference in Salt Lake City. I had an amazing time meeting new friends and taking classes but when I returned home, my cupboards were more bare than poor Mother Hubbard’s. So, I turned to the one thing I could make with ingredients I could find in the house: waffles. It’s kind of funny because I think I may have brainwashed my kids into thinking that all breakfast food has to look like something fun, because when I served my 7-year-old his waffle, he ate the first quarter and said, “Look, it’s PacMan.” And that is how PacMan waffles were born. […]

Build Your Own Jack-O-Lantern Pancakes

Jack-o-Lantern Pancakes Ok, I admit, I can’t stop making fun breakfast foods for my kids during the holidays.  It’s like some sort of addiction.  Do they have a group called Pancake Makers Anonymous?  Because if so, I may need to join.  Last week I shared Frankenstein pancakes and today I’m sharing our Build your own Jack-o-Lantern pancakes.  […]

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