PacMan WafflesPacMan Waffles

Last week I had the chance to attend the SNAP blogging conference in Salt Lake City. I had an amazing time meeting new friends and taking classes but when I returned home, my cupboards were more bare than poor Mother Hubbard’s. So, I turned to the one thing I could make with ingredients I could find in the house: waffles. It’s kind of funny because I think I may have brainwashed my kids into thinking that all breakfast food has to look like something fun, because when I served my 7-year-old his waffle, he ate the first quarter and said, “Look, it’s PacMan.” And that is how PacMan waffles were born.

These are really the easiest fun-food breakfast you can imagine. In fact, I feel almost silly explaining how to make PacMan waffles because they are pretty self-explanatory.

Supplies Needed:

pacman wafflesMake your waffles in the Belgium waffle maker and remove one quarter of the waffle.  Add a chocolate melt for the eye and whatever type of treat/fruit you want PacMan to be chomping. And that’s it.  It was seriously so easy and now my 7-year-old is claiming to be a genius for coming up with this idea. 😉  I love that my boys get excited about helping me with the blog.

If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know that we have several fun breakfast recipes her on the blog.  Some of my favorites are the Angy Birds Waffles“Man”Cakes for Father’s Day, and Sven pancakes from Disney’s Frozen.

Do you ever have Breakfast foods for Dinner?  What is your favorite breakfast food?

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