Fun Felt Faces with Fiskars Craft Tools

The kids are back in school and we’re beginning to feel a resemblance or normalcy returning to our lives.  Every year before school I take my boys shopping for all of the supplies on their school list as well as any other fun things that they “have” to have.  I’ve always tried to make back to school time really fun and exciting for my kids and I let them choose their own backpacks, kids scissors, folders, notebooks, craft tools, etc.   We LOVE crafting and creating around here so I also load up on craft and art tools to keep here at home while they are such a great price.  But did you know that there are thousands of kids around the country who aren’t able to purchase their own school supplies or have them in their home. There has to be something we can do to help right?  Fiskars has partnered up with Champions for Kids to encourage individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities, etc to make a difference in the lives of students and our schools. They believe that every student should have the opportunity to be creative and use their imagination.  Anyone can host a simple service project by gathering up extra school supplies around your home or office and donating them to families in need, organization in your community or your schools to make sure creativity isn’t lost because of lack of supplies. […]

Simple Service: Fighting Childhood Hunger

A few months ago I attended a blogging conference in which the keynote speaker Brooke Walker from Studio 5 talked to bloggers about being able to use the blogging platform as a way to influence the world for good.  Since that time I have been on the look out for opportunities to serve families who are less fortunate than mine.  When the opportunity came to partner with Odwalla and Champions for Kids to help fight childhood hunger over the summer, I jumped at the chance to contribute. When my children are hungry, all they have to do is open the pantry or fridge and choose from a variety of food options.  They have never had to worry about where their next meal will come from, and in fact I don’t think they have ever skipped a meal in their entire life.  With school ending soon, there are many children who have been receiving meals at school who will face the possibility of now being hungry.  And that breaks my heart! […]

Spring Food Art with Tyson Chicken Nuggets

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time you know that we love to play with our food!  I have a couple of picky eaters so getting them to eat can be tricky.  I always have to laugh at the fact that if I make the food look like something fun, then they normally gobble it right down.   Doesn’t even matter what it is. As I mentioned earlier this week about my shopping trip and the random act of kindness that was done for me, we were completely out of food after being gone for Spring Break and Easter so I headed off to Sam’s Club to fill the shelves.   You can read about my shopping experience in my Google + album. […]

Ready for Easter with Cookie’s Kids

When  you have 4 kids of the same gender it seems as though the youngest ones rarely have new clothes because why would you buy clothes when you can pass down gently used clothes from your older kids.  But after looking at the spring church clothes of my youngest two boys, I realized that they really needed something new and nice and with Easter around the corner, it is the perfect time to get them new Easter outfits for church.  My boys are rough on kids clothes and most of the week I let them wear whatever they want to play in but I love seeing my boys all dressed up on Sunday for church. […]

Family, Tradition and Wrangler Jeans

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today!  I spent the morning going on a walk and spending time in my garden.  There is just something about springtime that makes me happy.  Also, springtime around here means we are getting ready for the County Fair.  This is the first year my oldest son has been old enough to show an animal in the fair.  We’re starting him off with a pig even though I’m sure my 100%, strictly cattleman grandpa probably wouldn’t like that very much. 🙂  I grew up on a farm/cattle ranch and I started showing steers in our Livestock show when I was my sons age so it has been fun being outside and teaching him how to work with and be around animals.  Being around the farm so much lately has me thinking a lot about my grandparents. This past month marked 2 years since my grandpa passed away and next week marks 5 years since grandma has been gone.   It seems like just yesterday that I was a little girl exploring their farm.  We would spend our time there exploring the pastures, riding horses and “Big Red” the 3-wheeler, working in the garden, mowing the lawn and feeding the cattle and stray cats, or just sitting on the front porch enjoying the perfect summertime weather with a Popsicle in hand, listening to grandpa tell stories. My grandpa was the epitome of an All-American cowboy and cattleman.  And my grandma was a perfectly patient cattleman’s wife. […]

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