Spider Web Pretzels – Easy Halloween Treat

Halloween is fast ap [...]

Zombie Eyeballs – Quick Halloween Treat

These Zombie Eyeballs are a quick Halloween treat that can be made in just minutes. Zombie Eyeballs: Quick Halloween Treat I know how crazy the holiday season can get with our kids and last minute parties.  These Zombie Eyeballs are one of the simplest Halloween treats I have made and the kids loved them.  Next time your kids signs you up to bring a treat to the school Halloween party, these can be your go-to treat.  They are so simple to make that your kids could do it and you can have a Halloween treat in just minutes.  […]

Eyeball Cake Balls and Fizzy Potion

Eyeball Cake Balls and Fizzy Potion make for a fun Halloween treat combination.  I think an Eyeball-themed Halloween party is in order! Eyeball Cake Balls and Fizzy Soda It’s one of my most favorite times of the year.  The weather is cooling off slightly and Fall is in the air.  With Fall comes Halloween which is my favorite holiday for making fun food and treats with my kids. We opened our own spooky snack lab and made these Eyeball Cake Balls and Fizzy Potion which were right up my boys’ alley.  What’s grosser than eating eyeballs, right? […]

Easy Mummy Treat – Fun Halloween Treat

Halloween is basically here and today we celebrate with our school class parties.  I made this Easy Mummy Halloween Treat for one of my boys’ classes and they were super simple! Easy Mummy Halloween Treat If you haven’t noticed, I kind of have a thing for creating fun food for my boys.  And Halloween is one of the best celebrations for it because there are so many fun options to make.  I made Eyeball Donuts for my oldest son’s birthday and last year we celebrated Halloween with Mummy Pizza and Frankenstein Pancakes.   So when I was asked to bring a treat for my son’s class party, I knew just what to do and this Easy Mummy Treat was created. […]

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