These Zombie Eyeballs are a quick Halloween treat that can be made in just minutes.

Zombie eyeballs

Zombie Eyeballs: Quick Halloween Treat

I know how crazy the holiday season can get with our kids and last minute parties.  These Zombie Eyeballs are one of the simplest Halloween treats I have made and the kids loved them.  Next time your kids signs you up to bring a treat to the school Halloween party, these can be your go-to treat.  They are so simple to make that your kids could do it and you can have a Halloween treat in just minutes. 

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Ingredients Needed for Zombie Eyeballs

zombie eyeballs

How To Make Zombie Eyeballs

1.  On a microwave safe plate, place pretzels face up.
2.  Place a Hershey’s Hug candy piece in the middle of each pretzel.
3.  Microwave for 45-50 seconds and remove from microwave oven.
4.  Immediately press a large candy eye into the middle of the Hershey Hug on the pretzel. Do this while the hugs are still hot and softened.
5.  Sprinkle red jimmies on top of the pretzels.
6.  Let Hershey’s Hug harden before removing from plate
7.  Enjoy!

Zombie Eyes

Making Halloween treats is a fun tradition of my family. We have enjoyed making several different treats over the years and my boys love to help in the kitchen.  It seems as though eyeball treats have become a bit of an obsession with us right now.  Not sure what that says about us!?! lol!

But, if you love these Zombie Eyeballs, make sure to check out our other fun Eyeball treats.  They are only a little bit scary and a lot of fun! Visit the links below for more Halloween fun.

What is your favorite Halloween tradition?  Share it in the comments.

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