My oldest son is an October baby and now that he is getting older he likes to have a Halloween cake for his birthday.  We have made a Spider Cake and Cupcakes, Haunted House Cake and now this spooky, but easy, Eyeball Cake.

Eyeball Cake completed Eyeball Cake

I love making easy cakes for my boys.  I have mentioned before that if I am going to make it, it must be simple.  So pretty much every cake you find on this site will be easy to make.  Because I think you can do fun things that your kids will love without stressing out too much, right?   This Eyeball Cake was actually really fun to make and decorating was a piece of cake. 😉

Supplies Needed – Affiliate links included for your convenience:

Step 1: Mix cake according to package directions and bake in Wilton Soccer Ball Pan as directed.

Step 2: Let cake cool completely and cut off bottom of cake until flat.  Place on cake stand or plate.

Step 3: Frost entire cake with White Frosting.

Frosting Eyeball CakeStep 4: Use a small, round bowl to mark the position of the Iris so you can add the blue frosting.

Making Eyeball CakeStep 5: Fill in the circle with blue frosting.

Frosting for Eyeball CakeStep 6: After you have added the blue frosting, use the black M&Ms to make the pupil of the eye.

Decorating Eyeball CakeStep 7: Make blood vessels within the eye using the red decorating Gel.

Eyeball Cake Blood VesselsStep 8:  Eat it!  You are done so dig in!

Eyeball Cake completed

This is one of those cakes that just looks too cool to eat but my birthday boy loved it!  It is hard for me to see my boys getting so big but at least they still let me make fun cakes for them like this Eyeball Cake.  Happy Birthday J!

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